How did Giuseppe Garibaldi contribute to modern fashion?
About Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807−1882) heard - and even studied in school - almost everyone. He was a patriot of Italy, a fighter for the independence and unification of the country.…

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How to wear jeans
Never give your jeans dry cleaning. Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, therefore, the interaction of chemical substances will…

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Jeans: one and a half century frantic success
Who could have imagined that a very young tailor, originally from Bavaria, would lay the foundations of world fashion trouser half a century ahead. And even more. His name was…

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Jeans – a shame for the American

Free and independent style of clothes (in modern understanding) is in many respects the service and achievement of American fashion and American society. All the more unexpected is the fact that it is the Americans who are today in every possible way trying to fight their own “pernicious” influence. Moreover, such a harmless thing, like jeans with low waist, thanks to especially ardent wrestlers for impartiality, could easily be found in a series of objects that pose a threat to public safety.

The whole extraordinary law was proposed by a member of the Board of Representatives of the Louisiana unit, Republican Dick Shepherd. The initiative was to declare out-of-law jeans with a low waist. The criteria proposed by Shepherd were: the jeans that intentionally exposed underwear or fragments of intimate parts of the body had to be banned. Like “fashion”, according to Shepherd, copying the prison miner to dress, presents a serious problem. In this case, the Republican offered to violate violators with a price of 175 dollars and public works.

The bill was rejected, and its initiator was subjected to the laughter of colleagues. The deputies noted that with the observance of the law they would have to follow the special detachments of the “fashionable police”, since the ordinary police officers could not determine how well the jeans are sitting on these or other citizens. Moreover, the adoption of the law would have made Louisiana the subject of a mixture of all other pieces.
Never give your jeans dry cleaning. Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, therefore, the interaction of chemical substances will inevitably give a repair. Normal jeans will surely come up with any wash, but it is especially difficult to get into them after they have been in the hot dryer of a washing machine.

So or otherwise, they quickly acquire the shape of a body, as soon as they are worn again, it is not for nothing that good jeans are always sold under the slogan “wash more often – they look better!”. If you don’t like to “stretch” jeans after each wash, squeeze them and spread them on a rope, giving them the desired shape in fingers.

In order to keep the jeans texture and color longer, the following simple rules should be followed when washing:

* Before washing, zipper on jeans is better to fasten.

* Denim products should be washed only turning out the screwdriver.

* Do not use powders containing bleach.

* When washing and washing, the washing powder must be diluted in water, but not sprinkled with denim.

* Denim products should be washed separately from other things.

* Wash in warm water.

* If possible, it is better to wash by hand.

* Drying should not be twisted and not squeezing, but hanging up, let it go water.

Denim products that have a special double dye overdye, giving them a deep, rich color, can be worn before the first wash, even put the body and linen on. After the first wash or rinse, these features, which the manufacturing company specifically warns Vas, will not disturb you.

Jeans can not be glad, but in the event that for some reason this is what you like, never make a “shooter” on jeans – even when the pants will inevitably lie under the knee and in the scooter, the vertical arrow, which after the first one, does not put on the knee and in the fucker. one can see the whole world saying that you have no taste.

One more thing. If, wearing your favorite jeans, you feel that your knees are freezing, and back then it shines, you know: it’s time to get a new pair!

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