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A bright and original T-shirt (Tishot, Make-up, T-shirt) is an easy way to stand out in modern human Babylon. It lies on the surface. If you look deeper, it will…

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Jeans: one and a half century frantic success
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Jeans that we wear

Do you know that with everyday clothes, like jeans, you can emphasize the virtues and hide the lack of your figure? If you don’t know, then it’s time to read this article.

So, if Vas has full hips (or what is called a “galyph”), then do not try to stretch your legs with stretch jeans. It only seems that the tighter you fit the hips, the slimmer they will appear. Just the other way around: with this you are achieving the exact opposite effect – all eyes will be turned on the weight of your body, which you would like to hide. Give preference to jeans, free in the upper part – it will make Vas slimmer and hide the excess. The feson, when it is something that has long been called a “banana,” is for Vas.

With lush buttocks, choose jeans, the fashon of which will “slap” back. This will well pull it down. To balance the proportions, put on the flared jeans.
Jeans clothes everyday, often worn. Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes jeans should be washed. And in this case there are secrets. Remember once and forever:


Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, meaning the interaction of chemical substances will inevitably give a fitting.

Normal jeans will surely come up with any wash, but it is especially difficult to get into them after they have been in the hot dryer of a washing machine. So or otherwise, they quickly take on the shape of a body, as soon as they are worn again, not for nothing that good jeans are always sold under the slogan often washed? look better!

If you don’t like to wear jeans after each wash, squeeze them and spread them on the rope, giving them the desired shape with fingers. In order to keep jeans texture and color longer, it is advisable to stick to the symbolic instructions on the label, as well as the following simple rules when washing:

– Before washing, the zipper on jeans is better to fasten.

– Denim clothing should be washed, only turning out the saturation.

– Do not use powders containing bleach.

– When washing and washing, the washing powder must be diluted in water and not sprinkled with denim.

– Denim should be washed separately from other things.

– Wash in warm water. It is best to wash by hand.

– It is necessary to dry, not twisting and not squeezing, and, having hung up, let the water go.

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