How to wear jeans
Never give your jeans dry cleaning. Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, therefore, the interaction of chemical substances will…

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Jeans that we wear
Do you know that with everyday clothes, like jeans, you can emphasize the virtues and hide the lack of your figure? If you don't know, then it's time to read…

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How to speed up the drying of jeans?
In life, anything can happen. For example, you were invited to a youth party. The most suitable and comfortable there is to appear in jeans. But here's a shame -…

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In good jeans, everything should be comfortable

Jeans are all. On a walk, on a visit, to the club and even for work – everywhere fit pants, stitched sometime in America, like clothes for workers. But they must be of high quality, so when buying jeans, remember the following.

These jeans should have a “chewed”, “bruised” type of label, exactly stitched around the perimeter. The seams are smooth, made with silk threads; on the front side – the usual line, from the side – a triple intertwined braid – this indicates the strength of the seam.

To understand the labels on the accompanying labels, you will need to remember a few English phrases. For example, straight leg means “straight leg”, tapered leg means “rolled down,” bootcut means “wide and wide down.” The following inscriptions say about the type of cut: regular fit (follows the lines of the body), comfort fit (hip freely), loose fit (free cut along the entire length of the product). Marker shrink-to-fit warns that after washing the jeans will fit in width.

You should wear jeans that are smaller than what you wear, because jeans have an unpleasant property that they will stretch over time.

European size is specified in inches. Most often it looks like this: W23 L34, where the number next to W is the size of the waist, and with L – the length of jeans. To translate the European dimension into Russian, it is necessary to add 16 to the standard European. For example: 34 (European dimension) + 16 = 50. The digit 50 is the Russian dimension.

Just bought jeans need to soak and some time to walk in the wet. When the jeans are dry, they ideally sit on your figure. By the way, the slogan is applied to good jeans: “If you wash more often, you look better”.

Finally, a small dictionary, to be very, fully armed.

* Boot Flare (or Boot Cut)

The belt is a little lowered on the hip, the pants tighten the hips, from the knee there are slightly cracked – not much, but so that he would like to be separated, and to her – to give.

* Baggy

These are giant jeans. Shiroki, like the Dnieper. Baggies. You will go, and the pawns – for you to rinse on the wind. Shirinka in such jeans starts at knee level. They look different: for some people it is ridiculous and ugly, and for someone it is super-stylish.

* Cargo

This word on the label indicates that the manufacturer took some (any) of the basic models and piled back on the pants. Maybe even beautifully turned out. In such jeans it is very convenient to steal in supermarkets.

* Carpenter

Work clothes – and that’s it. They, of course, not Baggy, but also quite spacious. And even in any case with a hammer for a hammer. Ideal look at people of great height, especially if it is jeans, jumpsuit.

* Regular Fit

It is quite narrow, but it is quite possible to breathe in them. Balsate straight or bored slightly. The most versatile model, please, the only one that does not look disgusting with a jacket.

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