How to choose the right jeans?
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Eternal classic. Jeans
Coco Chanel changed the history of fashion, creating in 1926 a "small black dress" made of muslin with a long string of artificial pearls. His appearance was preceded by a…

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Diesel Diesel does not follow typical trends. Diesel’s style is genuine in his fashionable fantasies, progressive and at the same time a little racial, but he always reflects a special relationship to the details and focuses attention on the excellent quality of the selected materials and production techniques. Diesel collections anticipate general trends and do not react to them, giving the main emphasis on quality. All of these independent working methods within the company are transformed into a lifestyle – Diesel style.

“I am able to call 20 differences of some jeans from others,” assures RR – and do not ask me to lower the price or quality in order to sell more. A sale of 12 million couples, only confirms this.

The departments of stylistics and graphs work side by side as one single Creative Team. Diesel attracts stylists from the broadest trends and cultural trends. As a result, they bring their experience in the creation of unique products. Each type of clothing is created by a group of people (designers, sales managers, managing new products), whose inspiration comes from the most unpredictable areas.

Diesel designers are known for their “unusual” approach to finding new trends around the world. Every season they travel the world, sublimating the culture of those places where they visited, which brings an inimitable and original style!

The main directions and components of the collection

Diesel Kids is a collection of clothes for children (aged 0–8 years) and for teenagers (aged 6–14 years) who do not want to be treated as children. Bright colors, confidence, modernity – bold clothing for a bold generation.

Diesel Style Lab is an experimental and avant-harnessed collection of men’s and women’s clothing, created in 1997, an advanced design, new development in the use of materials and production. (NY weekly start-a-porter)

55DSL is a strong and independent collection of casual and sportswear, clothes using the anti-replication features for the new generation and for those who love intense lifestyle and immersion in extreme sports.

Seasonal collection

Fashion female and Fashion male – Season’s main collection. It consists of 4 sub-collections.

5 pockets – jeans collection (about 40 models and 50 processing fabrics)

5 pockets color-jeans cut in combination with different fabrics (not denim)

Advance delivery – is an addition to 5P. Accent is made on new fabrics and models.

Denim Offer – Presented by a Wide Range of Denim Commodity Groups

Basic-all-season clothing displaying seasonal graphics and color gamut (the most democratic price level)

Preview – pre-collection. Self-satisfied, but also as Basic reflects the main focus of the seasonal collection.

Leather-progressive collection of leather clothing. In this direction, there are many experiments with new technologies.

Spare Parts – accessories that complement and profitably focus attention on the uniqueness of the collection.

Underwear – underwear, from traditional fabrics and flowers to the level of “fashion”, reflects the main theme of the collection and is its splendid addition.

“Diesel is a state of mind that means being open to the new, listening to your intuitions and being honest with yourself. We want to offer our customers a wide range of products from which they can create their own style that will reflect their individuality. ”

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