How did Giuseppe Garibaldi contribute to modern fashion?
About Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807−1882) heard - and even studied in school - almost everyone. He was a patriot of Italy, a fighter for the independence and unification of the country.…

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How to wear jeans
Never give your jeans dry cleaning. Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, therefore, the interaction of chemical substances will…

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How to wear jeans
Never give your jeans dry cleaning. Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, therefore, the interaction of chemical substances will…

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Press release of the company “DIESEL”

“Having started our activities, as a company wanting to produce high-quality clothing, Diesel has become a part of youth culture.”


Diesel is an advanced international design company engaged in the creation and production of jeans, casual wear and accessories. Diesel is a leader in the creation of new materials, production methods and quality control, product presentation, which serves as the guarantee of its beautiful products. The company is represented by 6000 outlets and 200 branded stores in more than 80 countries of the world.

Creating his company, Renzo Rosso wanted it to become a leader, a company that would be able to take advantage of the chance and gain a niche in his field. He surrounded himself with creative and talented people – innovators of his work, similar to him and rejecting the work of the typical trends of the fashion industry. He wanted to create the most lively and highly artistic products accessible to all. He gave his team open to innovation stylistic freedom. Their task was to develop this type of clothing, which would be perfectly suited for people who love independence and go their own way in this life. In addition, he attracted to the work of those stylists who wanted to express their individuality through clothing.

“Good taste is a good wine. Bad taste – to explain to others that such good taste. ”

Willbert Das- corporate director

From the very beginning, Diesel has abandoned the dictatorial approach to the style of clothing and the prediction of the consumption of fashionable clothing and began to follow its own tastes. The company deals with the world around as one of a kind, a bezgranichny macro cultural phenomenon, and it was this that reflected in the work of the Diesel team. A huge number of different people from around the globe bring in unpredictable energy and vital activity, working in Diesel. Diesel’s “people” and their methods of work, which are so foreign to conventions just as creative, that this has not been written in countless journals, goes on. This was discussed in various television programs, and the phenomenon was investigated in various industrial groups, consulting organizations, universities and business schools.

Sozdateli Diesel zabotyatsya about how to meet consumer strast to individualnosti (predlagaya 15 new models and 40 variantov obestsvechivaniya denima in season), and only a model HOW stanovitsya too popular, with its snimayut proizvodstva, sohranyaya distantsiyu between Diesel and consumer goods.

Diesel history includes the following milestones:

1978- (formation and creation of Diesel trademark) inside the holding company “Genius Group”;

1985- Renzo Rosso becomes the sole owner of the Diesel brand;

1991 – first advertising company launch under the slogan “For Successful Living” 1996 – opening of the first Flaman shop Diesel in New York City at Lexington Avenue)

1997- output of the 1st collection of the Diesel Style Lab

1999- Diesel Kids launches independent brand

1999- DSL 55 launches independent brand

2000- acquisition of Staff International-large enterprise of ready-to-wear de luxe

2002- Diesel Style Lab launches independent brand

2002- acquisition of Martin Marjela House

2002- started cooperation with Karl Lagerfeld, making denim products for the line “Lagerfeld Gallery”

2002 3- Signing a Cooperation Agreement with the Dsquared 2 Brand

2003- 25th anniversary of the company

2003- release of the 1st collection of jewelery decorations “Jewelery Diesel”

Most of the products manufactured by Diesel are manufactured in small enterprises specializing in certain areas and production methods, in regions with low-cost working force. Manufacture of jeans is carried out on 100% in Italy. All trading operations (wholesale and retail) are centralized and strictly controlled. A wide and serious distribution policy is spreading on all 5 continents.

Today, Diesel is an international company with an aggregate turnover of approximately 850 million euros, 85% of which is formed outside of Italy. Shtab company is located in the town of Molvena (Vicenza), in the northeast of Italy. From here, the company manages the activities of the order of 15 subsidiaries located in Europe, Asia, and America. Diesel employs about 10,000 people worldwide.

In 1999, the emergence of two new types of products, Diesel, Diesel Kids, and 55DSL, and the spin-off strategy (the creation of a new subsidiary) led to the emergence of two new independent business divisions of the company, located respectively in Marostyk (Vicenza) and Ballerna (Switzerland). These two new companies are absolutely independent in the plan for the development of products, and in the area of ​​financial and trade policy. However, in a creative and creative plan, they cooperate with the Diesel Management, Style and Information.

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