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A bright and original T-shirt (Tishot, Make-up, T-shirt) is an easy way to stand out in modern human Babylon. It lies on the surface. If you look deeper, it will…

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Wendy Kirkland
Jeans - clothes cult
It seems that jeans were always. It is impossible to imagine how people did without them earlier. Naverniak in a wardrobe each of you has a pair of jeans, and…

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Jeans - clothes cult
It seems that jeans were always. It is impossible to imagine how people did without them earlier. Naverniak in a wardrobe each of you has a pair of jeans, and…

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Yeah hello jeans!

Jeans are an integral part of the wardrobe of every modern person. These are clothes that you can wear both at work and at a party, and, most importantly, jeans are always topical, even if your boss is an arch-conservative person, and friends are “advanced” that they prefer to try on only “the latest achievements of light industry”.

Appearance of jeans

The history of jeans began in 1873. It was then that the patent was given to the inventors of these clothes: a wholesale trader from California Levi Strouuss, who later created the legendary brand of Levi’s and the company of the same name, and a tailor from Nevada, Jacob Davis. This document describes in detail the first jeans in the history of mankind: they had one back pocket with stitching in the form of arcades, a pocket for watches, a waist fit device and buttons for fastening braces, and wore the name “overalls”.

For a long time, jeans were considered clothing of cowboys and raznorabochy. Everything changed after they began to go to Europe as a uniform for the US military during World War II. The heroic “model”, an unusual exotic appearance and indisputable practical advantages … Demand for jeans appeared in the civilian population. This was the beginning of the era of denim clothing, which, no doubt, will not soon end.

Jeans in Russia

In Russia, jeans appeared in Soviet times, but it was practically impossible to get them. Only the elect could flaunt them, and for most jeans they were the same pipe dream, for example, a mink coat. With the collapse of the Union for the philistine, new opportunities opened up and jeans turned into one of the most sought-after items.

Now specialized exhibitions are held, jeans shops are opened. And all this in order to satisfy all the aspirations of people to wear the clothes of simple American ladies.

Jeans are always in the center of attention: flared, wrinkled or classic, dark blue or colored. Everything depends on the fashion cap.

Actual jeans this season

For example, Levi’s offers to blink a flare with a pen and try to squeeze into incredibly tight jeans. Naturally, girls, “preferring theDemand for jeans appeared to dress good jeans, should experiment with them.”

On top of that, fashionable jeans should look a bit scruffy, in a sense, be wiped and a little ragged. You can put improvised zaplatki – perceived on ur.

Leave on the second plan on the shoulders. Lightning comes to replace them: in a small amount, in the most unexpected places, for example, on the hips and knees.

Now it is not fashionable: knitted inserts, embroidery, articles, how it was last year.

And here is a low-lying talia, and it is desirable that it should be as low as possible. Are you afraid of losing your jeans? For reliability, it is better to use belts, which are represented in the shops in large quantities. This is a classic leather, and woven, transparent, and in the form of a chain. By the way, the belt this season is almost the most important accessories.

The favorite is dark blue. In addition, the coming winter completely excludes the possibility of wearing blue jeans.

In the shops presented a whole variety of colors of jeans, satisfying any exacting taste.

Denim clothing

In addition to jeans directly, you can replenish your wardrobe and other denim clothing. For example, a jacket. Stylish look jacket with collar-stoichkoy. If you prefer a classic, then the decoration of the collar can be fur. Fur manjet not found.

Present on jackets and locks. If there is any interesting element on jeans, then he should find a reflection in the rest of your costume. Naturally, it is not discussed that the pants and jacket should be in the same color range.

Also as a decoration can serve as leather, so and textile insertions. But not knitwear. This is the day.

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