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Forever Jeans

Trendy jeans. There is a joke that girls usually worry about three problems: “how to lose weight,” “all men are bastards,” and “nothing to put on.” The first two are left aside, but let’s talk about the third one in more detail.

It seems that only yesterday you read in a magazine that Britney Spears prefers shopping to all other lectures for depression. And now, literally, recently, she took a horseback dose of this peculiar medicine and replenished her wardrobe in a pair of three dozen new skirts, trousers, tops and shoes. “Yeah,” you say, “the stars of show business have no money in the hens, but what should I do, in which the wage is somewhere far away on the horizon, and the last thing I bought for myself is some kind of jeans! “

Stop, why is this someone ?! Do you think that jeans are suitable only for gray everyday life? You’re wrong, the main thing is to wear them. We offer to consider the most advantageous options for combining jeans with the rest of the clothes.

But for the beginning – a little history.


Humbly, but his career jeans began more than modestly. When, in 1853, Levi Straus, a galician from Bavaria, brought a rampart for boats to California, the gold miners clearly were not thrilled. “It would be better if I brought the shanta,” they declared razocharovno. Strauss made his conclusions and immediately made his trousers from the material he brought. A little later, he switched from a thin berry to a denser denim. Durable and comfortable trousers from Levi quickly became an integral part of the wardrobe of each gold digger. One hundred years later, the practicality of this garment was relegated to a second plan. Wearing jeans has become a kind of life philosophy, and they themselves – a symbol of youth, freedom, disobedience.

Today, the “eighth wonder of the world”, as jeans are called, has lost its initial purpose. Jeans have become quite respectable clothes, and not only youth. Thanks to the author’s interpretations of the leading fashion designers, they even gained some exclusivity. But believe me, it is absolutely not obligatory to put on jeans “haute couture” to look stunning in any position. The whole point is with what and how to wear.


In the opinion of designers, the most important choice of jeans is to choose the right fitting, which is primarily guided by the characteristics of the figure. Nowadays the three most popular are considered.

Firstly, it is boot cut fit – elongated jeans, tight-fitting hips, a shirt is extended to the ankle, the waist line is lowered. This model is suitable for all types of shapes.

Secondly, this is an easy fit – jeans that are a bit worn to the ankle, hip-hugging, and the line is thin. This model makes an accent on the hip, so if they are full of Vas, better choose something else.

Thirdly, it is a slim fit – completely fitting jeans, the line of the talia is slightly oversized. If you are a miniature and slender girl, then this model fits you as you can not better, as the volume gives the figure.

For girls with short legs, stylists recommend the model 7/8, especially since now it is very fashionable.

If vas have full hips, then stretch jeans for vas – tabu. It only seems that the tighter you hold the hips, the slimmer they become. As a result: by this you will achieve the exact opposite effect, and all eyes will be turned on exactly that part of your body, which you would like to hide. Give preference to jeans that are free in the upper part (with such a face they are also called bananas) – they will make you slimmer and hide the lack of a figure.


1. Tunics

This is sometime the former attire of the ancient Romans firmly enshrined in the dressing room of a modern girl. Tunic tops and sweatshirts in combination with straight jeans and high heels make the figure slim and create a fashionable look.

But, wearing a tunic, you must remember that, firstly, the length of the tunic should be up to the middle of the thigh, moreover, your figure will take a somewhat rooted look. Secondly, it is important to avoid additional elements in the tally area, especially if you are a holder of luxuriant forms.

2. Tops

Instead of an old T-shirt, try to put on jeans with a flirty top or a chiffon or satin blouse. This is the ideal way to add a little glamor to your next. Do not forget about the floral trim elements, they will help in creating a romantic look. In addition, a thin chain will noticeably suit your favorite top with a lowered shoulder, and this will be the finishing touch of evening dress.

3. Jackets

Jeans and jackets – can there be something more classic and sophisticated? But will it look sexy? Still would! Even if short jackets lead you to the state of horror, do not despair. Choose a long jacket with a thin waist, it can be combined with thin belts and long jeans. In such a luxurious outfit you can go to any event.

4. Accessories

Exquisite jeans require exquisite accessories. It is believed that long heels not only lengthen legs, but also make your look more elegant. Small handbag, embroidered with stitches or beads.

Forever Jeans
Trendy jeans. There is a joke that girls usually worry about three problems: "how to lose weight," "all men are bastards," and "nothing to put on." The first two are…


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