Jeans hike
It is difficult to find a woman in whose wardrobe there are no jeans. Ladies purchase them regularly, like pantyhose, right - not so often. Jeans buy for work and…

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Jeans - history, modernity, recent trends
In 1969, the magazine "American Fabrics" published a article in which he predicted that in the very near future jeans would be transformed into one of the most fashionable goods…

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Jeans: less banned - more creative!
Jeans for many years were part of the American "uniform": you can hardly find an American, in whose wardrobe there is no at least one pair of jeans. They are…

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How to make jeans unique

1. Rivets

Buy a shop in the shop. Modern rivets do not need to be hammered with a hammer – they have petals on one side. Punch rivet material, zagnite petals. If the fabric is very thick, a small hole can be made in advance. Rivets look good on arcades and side seam. You can also draw a picture or a word.

2. Filing

You can search for a home or buy in a shop selling textiles, pieces of materials of any shape, color, figure, texture. You can cut out of them any figure or even make a collage. Just take a thread with a needle and sew these pieces on your favorite place on jeans.

3. Bleaching

You can whiten jeans like with bleach, and with the help of baking soda. Simply add bleach to the wash. You can knot up your jeans or drag them in some places with ropes, then after washing you will get interesting splits. As a variant, your jeans can be sprinkled with bleach, and after a few hours of waiting, they will become stained.

4. Artificial dirt

Fill the bucket with four liters of hot water and add about 100 grams of tea, let it brew. Dip jeans or their part in a bucket, and leave them for two or three days. If the jeans are not loaded completely, the color will go up a bit. After painting, take the jeans out of the water and dry them. Again, fill the bucket with water, add vinegar and immerse your jeans in a solution for at least one day to store the color. Holes in jeans look very erotic

5. Holes

Just take a sharp knife and cut holes in your jeans. Note that when walking they will open up different parts of the body, which can be very sexy and give an unpredictable reaction of those around you.

6. Decorations

Buy in a galaxy stupaz shop, bugles, beads, glitter, buttons or something like that. You can decorate your jeans according to your taste. There is a huge scope for fantasy – you can even make ornaments or drawings.

7. Skids

Wash your jeans and let them dry a little. Then sprinkle a little starch on top of your jeans (you can buy it in the grocery store) and then drain it with a not very hot iron. You can make warehouses under pockets or any other on your taste. Rubbish should be held until the next wash.

8. Drawings

In order to make drawings on jeans, you can use ink, wax crayons, nitro paint, felt-tip pens and ball pens. Bright colors will always look good, be it flag, cherry or flower.

9. Records

Use phylamasters or ball pens to paint small inscriptions, name of the music group, hearts or funny pictures on jeans.

10. Belt on rings

Remove the belt loops with a belt, you can make it uneven. Buy 10 metal rings and attach them to your jeans, approximately one centimeter from the top of the belt, and thread them along the top and bottom. After that you can skip a thin strap or leather band behind them.

11. Colored shapes

Take a piece of paper and cut out a heart, a star or another shape. Put the resulting lecture on the jeans and spray on it with a spray for painting with a cloth or a colored spray for hair.

12. Embroidery Buy some floss. Draw a picture on jeans with a small piece of chalk or soap, then take threads and make embroidery over the picture.

13. Bakhroma

Take the scissors and cut the ribbons from the foot, from the bottom up to the side of the knee. The narrower the ribbons, the more interesting the bakhroma looks.

14. Scuffing

Put the jeans on a table or something solid and secure them. Take a bumaga and lightly rub her pants. In these places, jeans will quickly become lighter and get a well-worn look.

15. Spliced ​​seams

Partially seam the seams at the bottom of the foot and just let them hang out. It looks especially great if the jeans inside the seam are of a different color. So that the seam does not spread even longer, fasten it across several stitches.

16. Lamps

Buy about three meters of braid and sew it to your jeans along the outer side seam. As a variant, you can take a colored rope or floss and sew stitches along the side seam.

17. Receipt (advice courtesy of RJ)

If you have old parental hobbies under the name of “checkout” in the house, you can use them as follows. Put a small board inside the soaked jeans, stamp the stamp, rub it well with soap, and work with a brush until the pattern appears. The process is time consuming, and the effect will be amazing! The main requirement is that the check cannot be shifted so that the drawing is not scattered.

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