Jeans hike
It is difficult to find a woman in whose wardrobe there are no jeans. Ladies purchase them regularly, like pantyhose, right - not so often. Jeans buy for work and…

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Jeans: one and a half century frantic success
Who could have imagined that a very young tailor, originally from Bavaria, would lay the foundations of world fashion trouser half a century ahead. And even more. His name was…

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How to choose a jeans on the figure?
Jeans are our everything! Judge for yourself what other clothes are so practical that you can wear them all year round, she is always in fashion, honored by both schoolgirls…

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Jeans – what can you do with them?

How to choose jeans

First of all, decide on the color and style, and then go on with new clothes. Do not try to exercise independence among the shelves with hundreds of collapsed pairs, explain to the seller what exactly you want – so it will be faster.

All jeans have a tendency to increase in size (but not in length!) After about a month of wearing, be sure to keep this in mind. Men should adhere to their own size, but even if you don’t want to give ladies, you should sweat, stretching your pants onto two legs less – therefore, exactly 15 minutes after the button is closed, and you feel that you can already breathe, and you can already breathe.To sit down and talk, this is where you will understand how you have a classic figure. Have in mind: if your jeans look like, rather like a second skin, you will have to go for panties-thanga (a triangle in front and a rope behind): there is nothing worse than the relief of unskilled pants, showing through the stretched fabric.

How to wear jeans

Never DO NOT give jeans to dry cleaning. Chemicals will quickly make a rag out of them. About 95% of jeans are sold out vyvarennymi, therefore, the interaction of chemical substances will inevitably give a repair. Normal jeans will surely come up with any wash, but it is especially difficult to get into them after they have been in the hot dryer of a washing machine. So or otherwise, they quickly acquire the shape of a body, as soon as they are worn again, it is not for nothing that good jeans are always sold under the slogan “wash more often – they look better!”. If you don’t like to “stretch” jeans after each wash, squeeze them and spread them on a rope, giving them the desired shape in fingers.

In order for a jeans fabric to preserve its texture and color longer, when washing it is advisable to stick to the symbolic instructions on the label as well as the following simple rules: Before washing, a zipper on jeans is better to fasten. Jeans should be washed only by twisting the seam. Do not use powders containing bleach. When washing and washing, the washing powder must be diluted in water and not sprinkled with denim. Jeans should be washed separately from other items. Wash in warm water. If possible, it is better to wash by hand. Drying should not be twisted and not squeezed, but hanging, let it go water

Jeans can not be glad, but in the event that for some reason this is what you like, never make a “shooter” on jeans – even when the pants will inevitably fall under the knee and in the scooter, the vertical arrow, after the first one, you can not put on the knee and in the fuck. one can see the whole world saying that you have no taste.

One more thing. If, wearing your favorite jeans, you feel that your knees are cold, and the back of your jeans, you know: it’s time to get a new pair!

How to make jeans unique (a now favorite question!)


Buy a shop in the shop. Modern rivets do not need to be hammered with a hammer – they have petals on one side. Punch rivet material, zagnite petals. If the fabric is very thick, a small hole can be made in advance. Rivets look good on arcades and side seam. You can also draw a picture or a word.


You can search for a home or buy in a shop selling textiles, pieces of materials of any shape, color, figure, texture. You can cut out of them any figure or even make a collage. Just take a thread with a needle and sew these pieces on your favorite place on jeans.


You can whiten jeans like with bleach, and with the help of baking soda. Simply add bleach to the wash. You can knot up your jeans or drag them in some places with ropes, then after washing you will get interesting splits. As a variant, your jeans can be sprinkled with bleach, and after a few hours of waiting, they will become stained.

Artificial mud

Fill the bucket with four liters of hot water and add about 100 grams of tea, let it brew. Dip jeans or their part in a bucket, and leave them for two or three days. If the jeans are not loaded completely, the color will go up a bit. After painting, take the jeans out of the water and dry them. Again, fill the bucket with water, add vinegar and dip the jeans into the solution for at least one day to fix the color. [learn result …]


Just take a sharp knife and cut holes in your jeans. Note that when walking they will open up different parts of the body, which can be very sexy and give an unpredictable reaction of those around you.


Wash your jeans and let them dry a little. Then sprinkle a little starch on top of your jeans (you can buy it in the grocery store) and then drain it with a not very hot iron. You can make warehouses under pockets or any other on your taste. Rubbish should be held until the next wash.


Take the scissors and cut the ribbons from the foot, from the bottom up to the side of the knee. The narrower the ribbons, the more interesting the bakhroma looks.

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